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Monuments of Bihar

List of Centrally Protected Monuments / Sites
under Archaeological Survey of India,
Patna Circle, Patna

Monuments / Sites in Bihar : Total   :          071




Sl. No. Name of Monuments / Sites Locality District
1. Tomb of Sham Sher Khan Shamsher Nagar Aurangabad
2. Vikramshila Monastery

Antichak, Madhorampur,Oriup

3. Rock Temple


4. Patalpuri Cave and land adjoining Bateshwar Cave on the Patharghatta hill Madhorampur Bhagalpur
5. Rock Sculptures Patharghatta Bhagalpur
6. Ruined Fortress of Chankigarh Chanki W. Champaran

Ashokan Column


W. Champaran

Vedic Burial Mound


W. Champaran
9. Rampart of Fort and Stupa Marhia W. Champaran
10. Vedic Burial Mound Marhia W. Champaran
11. Vedic Burial Mound Pakri W. Champaran
12. Ashokan Column Rampurva W. Champaran
13. Ashokan Pillar Lauriya Areraj E. Champaran
14. Fort Ruins, Tank & Stupa Sagardih E. Champaran

Buddhist Stupa

Tajpur Deur (Kesariya) E. Champaran
16. Remains of Ancient Fort or Garh locally known as Raja Bali ka Garh Balirajgarh Madhubani

Karna Chaupar Cave


& Nagarjuni hills
18. Sudama Cave -Do- Jehanabad
19. Lomash Rishi Cave -Do- Jehanabad
20. Visva Jhopa Cave -Do- Jehanabad
21. Gopi Cave -Do- Jehanabad
22. Vadathika Cave -Do- Jehanabad
23. Vahiyaka Cave -Do- Jehanabad
24. Buddhist images and sculptures collected underneath a shed Ghejan Jehanabad
25. Monolithic Pillar called Lat in Plot No.1047 Lat Jehanabad

Ancient images and sculptures collected underneath a shed

Guneri Gaya
27. Ancient Mound in the valley known as Hasrakol

Hasra, Jagdishpur

& Bishnupur Tandwa
28. Ancient Mounds in the hill known as Sobhnath -Do- Gaya
29. Shiva Temple Konch Gaya
30. The Garh or Mound Kurkihar Gaya
31. Ancient Stupa and other Remains locally known as Sujata garh Bakraur Gaya
32. Ancient Ruins on which there are a colossal statue of Buddha, few lime sculptures and thirteen sand stone pillars Kurisarai Gaya
33. Sculptures of various Hindu deities carved on the southern & eastern faces of some rocks and boulder of Kauvadol hill Kurisarai Gaya
34. Sculptures of various Hindu deities carved on the face of an isolated round boulder separated by a distance of 12 feet from the south-eastern corner of Kauvadol hill Kurisarai Gaya
35. Sculptures of various Hindu deities carved on the northern and eastern faces of some of rocks of Kauvadol hill Kurisarai Gaya
36. Sculpture of four Hindu deities one on each side of an oblong isolated boulder to the east of Kauvadol hill Kurisarai Gaya
37. Remains of the ramparts and the mound commonly known as the Queen Palace in the old fort known as Killa Biharsharif Nalanda
38. Tomb of Malik Ibrahim Bayu Biharsharif Nalanda
39. Ancient Remains known as Garh Ghora Katora Nalanda
40. All mounds, structures and buildings enclosed in the acquire area Nalanda Nalanda
41. Walls of the two ancient cities known as old & new Rajgriha Rajgir Nalanda
42. All ancient structures and remains or monuments within the areas enclosed by the said walls Rajgir Nalanda
43. All ancient structures and other artificial caves and mounds containing ancient remains, which are situated within a distance of half a mile of the said ancient cities known as old & new Rajgriha Rajgir Nalanda
44. Ancient Mound Bargaon Nalanda
45. Statue of Buddha Jagdishpur Nalanda
46. Ashokan Column Kolhua Muzaffarpur
47. Supposed site of palace of Ashoka Kumrahar Patna
48. The grove known as Bulandibagh Bulandipur Patna
49. The mound or stupa known as Chhoti Pahari Chhotipahari Patna
50. Mounds known as the five stupas or ‘Panch Pahari’ Paharidih Patna
51. Remains of wooden foundations and ancient Mauryan walls Sandalpur Patna
52. Mir Ashraf’s Jama Mosque, Pakka wall and Ablution Tank Patna City Patna
53. Tomb of Makhdum Shah Daulat and Ibrahim Khan Maner Patna
54. Tank Maner Patna
55. Ancient mounds and ruined brick walls together with adjacent land comprising part of Sl. Pl. No.608 & 611


(Revenue unit No.7)
56. Ancient mounds and ruined brick walls together with adjacent land comprising part of survey plot No.399 Ahiapur Maner (Revenue unit No.34) Patna
57. Sculptures and Images Datiana Patna
58. Ashoka’s inscription on the Chandan Shahid hill Ashiqpur Rohtas
59. Tomb of Hasan Shah Suri Sasaram Rohtas
60. Tomb of Sher Shah Suri, Tank & its wall, Ghats, flanking Kiosks, northern gateway and causeway. The gateway (Delhi Darwaza) to the west of the tomb of Sher Shah Sasaram Rohtas
61. Rohtas Garh Fort Rohtas hill Rohtas
62. Ancient Mound Buxar Buxar

Tomb of Bakhtiyar Khan

Malik Sarai Kaimur

Temple of Mundeswari Devi

Paura Kaimur
65. Three rock inscriptions (adjacent to Tara Chandi Temple) Sasaram Rohtas
66. Ancestral house of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India Jiradei Siwan
67. Remains of ancient city Manjhi Saran
68. Jami Mosque Hajipur Vaishali
69. Relic Stupa Harpur Basant (Vaishali) Vaishali
70. Raja Vishal ka Garh Vaishali Vaishali
71. Kanhaiya ji ka Mandir Bandarjhula Kishanganj




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